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Intelligent Infrastructure Management

By 20 February 2024No Comments

The Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University is one of the key collaborators in a lengthy study on aging in Canada. The results of their work will be used to identify ways to improve the health of Canadians. 

To support the research goals, the IT team sought a solution to improve system availability and uptime. The critical applications it was running and the data it was storing needed to be readily accessible. Additionally, this system needed to function with minimal IT administration.

Alteeve’s Anvil!, with its full-stack resiliency and Intelligent Availability® technology, ensured the system availability required by the McMaster team while substantially reducing IT administration overheads (and costs). The team concluded the Anvil! was the clear choice.

This has allowed the McMaster team to easily maintain system availability enabling them to concentrate on the research team’s applications rather than system administration and infrastructure management.

The Anvil platform seamlessly integrates Alteeve’s Intelligent Availability® software, compute, storage, networking, power management and virtualization into a unified, intelligent server platform. The Intelligent Availability® decision engine allows the Anvil! to operate autonomously with minimal IT involvement. The platform predicts and proactively mitigates against risk conditions which would otherwise take the system offline and disrupt the study program.

Discover how McMaster successfully implemented The Anvil! and Intelligent Availability® software by reading the case study.