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Continuous Data Availability

By 12 February 2024No Comments

Life Med was experiencing rapid data growth and in need of scalable storage. Also, its servers lacked the necessary infrastructure to protect against downtime, posing a potential risk to the company’s operations. In the healthcare sector, where uninterrupted service is critical, any downtime is unacceptable.

Recognizing the need for a system that demanded minimal human intervention while ensuring constant uptime, Life Med sought a scalable solution to accommodate its rapid expansion. The Anvil! emerged as the ideal choice, fulfilling all criteria and more.

The Anvil platform seamlessly integrates Alteeve’s Intelligent Availability® software, compute, storage, networking, power management and virtualization into a unified, intelligent server platform. The Intelligent Availability® decision engine allows the Anvil! to operate autonomously with minimal IT team involvement. This allows the Life Med team to concentrate on the organization’s applications and services rather than system administration and infrastructure management. 

Discover how Life Med successfully implemented The Anvil! and Intelligent Availability® software by reading the case study. Learn how this strategic move met and exceeded the stringent reliability standards set by the medical imaging and healthcare industries.