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This is a current list of ScanCore agents.

Agent Name Description
scan-apc-ups Scans APC (Schneider) brand UPSes.
scan-bond Scans standard linux bonded ethernet devices.
scan-clustat Scans the output of the clustat command for cman based clusters.
scan-ipmitool Scans nodes equipped with IPMI-compatible baseboard management controllers (ie: Fujitsu's iRMC, Dell's iDrac, HP's iLo, etc).
scan-server Scans basic information about KVM/qemu-based virtual machines running on an Anvil! system.
scan-server-resources If the scan-server-resources tool is installed on a target server, this agent will monitor the server's RAM, CPU and disk space usage.
scan-storcli Scans LSI-based (Broadcom, formerly Avago, Formerly LSI) RAID controllers, their BBU/FBU, virtual and physical disks.
scan-remote-access Uses SSH to test access to a target server. This allows the accurate testing of a server's accessibility as it actually logs into the server to 'echo 1' and verify the operating system is responsive.
scan-ping-target Tests if a target responds to pings. This is an alternative method of monitoring servers that do not support SSH, as well as monitoring any other device on your network.


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